The Committee

luiz Luiz Felipe De Souza President

Brought from Brasil an indeterminate amount of time ago, Portuguese native speaker Luiz (Felipe Correa De Souza) is now strangely enough on his third year studying exclusively English literature. Having founded Game of Thrones society, before the show went downhill, been Occult and Paranormal’s Social Sec and now President for Writers’ Bloc, Luiz’s time in university rarely ventured far from the Guild of Students (much to the expense of his degree). Aspiring one day to be a videogame project lead, most of his free time goes into research of the medium, gradually racking up his Steam time past the early thousands.


Rob Halsem-New – Secretary

“You know that northerner that bangs on about being northern but doesn’t have an accent – yeah that’s Rob”.  Proud of his seaside roots (but not those which grow out of his head – it’s a peroxide joke), Rob’s first love is poetry focussing on narrative pieces that explore community, pop culture and to be frank, the bizarre.  Usually found making up plotlines for his fellow passengers on the train/plane/automobile du jour, if Rob achieves anything this year it will be to replicate the iconic minute themes of former secretary and Queen Olivia Platten (seen on the left here).  


Vanessa Bell – Treasurer

Vanessa did not write a bio…which is totally fine…I’m not salty.  


Kim Garande – Social Secretary 

Kim is an over-caffeinated 2nd year English student, taking on the role of social sec whilst simultaneously directing “Where the Hell is Robyn?” with Tabletop Theatre.  When not making lists and planning future holidays, you can find her watching stand up and crying over fleabag (again).


Emily Breeds – Publications Officer

Emily is a final year English student, originally from a little village in Wiltshire. She has been writing poetry for about three years after being selected as one of the commended winners of Foyle Young Poets of the Year 2016. Since then, she has won three Young Poets Network challenges, the inaugural National Memory Day Poetry Prize and the BBC Proms Poetry Competition, as well as being longlisted for the National Poetry Competition 2018 and winning this year’s Colletti Collection. Since joining Writers’ Bloc, she has become involved with the local poetry scene, performing at Grizzly Pear, Hit the Ode, and Poetry Jam. Aside from Writers’ Bloc, Emily is also the Culture Editor for Redbrick, and is developing the first episode of a sitcom with her housemate Lily, through Guild TV. As much as she loves poetry, she hopes to become a filmmaker. Being obsessed with all things spooky and Stephen King, her life goal is to adapt his novels for the screen. When she’s not complaining about how most Stephen King adaptations are nothing like the book, Emily enjoys baking and spending time with her friends. Yeah, she really doesn’t do much else.


Jonah Corren – Literary Events Officer

Jonah is a third English Literature student, hailing from West Dorset. He isn’t nearly as widely read as he should be, instead spending his time watching far too much TV, playing chess or table tennis, and from time to time writing poetry and songs. He is also taking up the position of ‘Songwriter’s Secretary’ on the Live Music Society Committee.  

Jonah is a frequent performer at various spoken word nights around Birmingham (and Bridport, if you happen to be in the area), and he is extremely excited to be taking up the reigns of Grizzly Pear for the second year in a row, Writer’s Bloc’s flagship spoken word evening at The Bristol Pear, Selly Oak. If you don’t come, he will take it personally.


Rachael Milner – Online Communications Officer

Flying the flag as the ‘other northerner’ of the committee, Rachael is a third year geography student who writes poetry, songs and plays (she hasn’t finished a play yet, but she’s remaining optimistic).  When she’s not reminding everyone that ‘geography isn’t just colouring in, I have to read things’, she can be found sticking washi tape on all of her belongings and attempting to mimic Hunter Savage’s eyeshadow on Euphoria


Héloïse de Satgé – External Relations Officer

Héloïse also did not write a bio…which is also completely fine…I’m cool with that.



Fred McMahon – Screenwriters’ Bloc Director 

Fred is the new Director of Screenwriter’s Bloc and he studies English and Drama. He writes a lot of stories and screenplays but rarely finishes them because he’s too busy watching other people’s films.

In his spare time he plays basketball, paints stuff, writes stuff, reads stuff and procrastinates like some sort of sloth/panda hybrid. I say that because I’d imagine those animals would call what they do procrastinating if they understood the concept of procrastinating. Which they might. But we can’t be sure. I’ve never seen one so I’m not even certain that they’re real. I wasn’t supposed to switch into first person btw, but we’re here now and like a screenwriter’s bloc session it’s all gone off on a tangent.